Bakery Eunice

Eunice - Polish baker with a rich tradition

If Poland is known for anything, it's for its amazing baking goods. At Eunice, we take all the best elements of traditional Polish baking and make it our own. Our breads, cakes, and other baked goods are made using traditional Polish methods, as well as high-quality ingredients. We put great care into each and every one of our products, making them special.

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We mainly deal with:

  • polish village bakery
  • polish bread
  • polish artisan bakery
  • wheat-rye bread
  • wheat–rye bread with poppyseeds
  • bread with sesameseeds
  • organic rye bread
  • occasional Bread
  • seeds roll
  • baguette
  • cheese doughnut
  • pastry
  • birthday cake
  • tart
  • cookies

Company contact details

Stukeley Road

Unit 15 and 15A



PE29 6HQ

Phone: 079 2185 5926

E-mail: [javascript protected email address]